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GLOCK® is a registered trademark of GLOCK, Inc.

Manually engaged safety lever provides an extra level of security and safety for GLOCK® owners. Blocks trigger movement, allows the slide to be cycled and pistol loaded or unloaded with the safety on. Operates easily with your right-hand thumb. Safety lever is easy to engage, yet won’t interfere with holster fit. All GLOCK® passive safeties continue to function normally. Gunsmith installation is recommended.

We have an MSK to fit all models except Model 42, 42 & new GEN 5 (we're working on them).

MSK-3 - fits all GEN 3 Models, except Models 36, 42 & 43, and SF Frames*
MSK-4 - fits all GEN 4 and SF Models, except Models 36, 42 & 43
MSK-U - Universal - fits either Gen 3 or Gen 4.  Does NOT fit Gen 5 or Models 36, 42 & 43
MSK-36 - fits Model 36


* Special note for SF Frames - SF GEN 3 Models require a GEN 4 trigger housing, Order a MSK-4 or MSK-U.

Manual Safety Kit for the GLOCK ® Pistol

Select MSK
  • IMPORTANT: Manual Safety Kit (MSK) parts are designed to work with standard GLOCK manufactured components. After market components such as triggers, connectors, etc. may or may not work in conjunction with the MSK.

    The MSK does work with the Lone Wolf Timberwolf Frame - order a MSK-4 or MSK-U.

    IMPORTANT: This kit is intended to be installed by those who are thoroughly familiar with the functional operation of GLOCK® pistols and those who have the experience, knowledge, and qualifications of a professional gunsmith.


    See MSK Installer page for a listing of MSK Installers, or contact us via e-mail or at 315-243-5008.