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Frame Slotting Fixture for MSK - Fixture mounts securely to your Glock frame with two locating pins and has two machined slots that correspond with the cut you’ll have to make to install Cominolli’s Manual Safety Kit (MSK) safety lever.  Slot marked “SM” is for Small ( 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, .45 GAP) and slot marked “LG” is for Large (.45 ACP & 10mm). Attach the brass cutting guide and carbide end mill to your own high-speed rotary tool to properly make the cut. The brass cutting guide makes it easy to cut the correct angle.

If you purchase the Frame Slotting Fixture, a Slot Locating Template is not required.

Frame Slotting Fixture for the MSK

  • What is the difference between the Frame Sloting Fixture and the Frame Slot Locating Template for the MSK - besides the price?

    Here's the story:  

    Before we developed the Frame Slotting Fixture, the cut in the frame was made "free-hand" after measuring and marking out the location of the slot on the frame. We created the Frame Slot Locating Template to make locating the slot more consistent and precise. However the "free-hand" aspect still left a lot to be desired as sometimes the slot wasn't cut quite right resulting in cosmetic imperfections and/or the need to widen the slot to accommodate the MSK safety lever travel.  

    The Frame Slotting Fixture resolved all the issues with cutting the slot "free-hand".  The fixture attaches precisely to the frame and a guided cut is made quickly and precisely.  The Frame Slotting Fixture is a professional grade tool that is used by all of our installers to produce a professional installation.

    How you make the cut in the frame is up to you, but we recommend using the Frame Slotting Fixture for an efficient, professional installation.  

    Watch our video on the support page and see how it works.